The Ten Commandments of Project Execution

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“The Ten Commandments” – that’s what these ultimately turned into, and were named. It was a list that grew from one to ten over the course of my career. A sequential set of steps that were adhered to. It’s how we aligned our teams and company, and it contributed greatly to our overall effectiveness. They are:

  1. Conduct a turnover meeting with all project team members
  2. Conduct a kickoff meeting with all project team members
  3. Establish expectations and budget for the detailing team
  4. Establish and execute a prefabrication plan
  5. Establish and adhere to an organizational chart
  6. Establish and adhere to a labor plan (labor resource profile)
  7. Conduct routine project progress meetings
  8. Establish an exit plan and zero punch list at 70 to 80 percent
  9. Bring discipline and track the exit strategy
  10. Conduct a post job meeting and communicate lessons learned to all employees 

Are your companies doing something similar? If not, I’d encourage you to consider it. 

If you’re not sure where to start or what to do, keep an eye on this blog. I’ll be expanding on each step, or “commandment” in future posts, individually. 

If you don’t want to wait until then, reach out and I’m happy to discuss.

Until next time...


Gary Fuchs, LaborChart Workforce Advisor

Gary Fuchs

Workforce Advisor

Gary Fuchs is Workforce Advisor at LaborChart. Prior to LaborChart, Gary was VP of Construction at Westphal Electric. He and his wife Cheryl are proud parents of three daughters and 10 grandchildren. Gary enjoys woodworking, golf, hunting, fishing, and working with LaborChart. In his past, Gary was a volunteer firefighter and basketball official.